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Elsie Ever After signposts bereaved families to local support organisations that can help.


The main providers of bereavement support in our area (Cheshire and the North West) are primarily local hospices.

We work alongside existing bereavement services and refer families to them wherever possible. However, if a family cannot get help from existing organisations, then we will offer support. This may take the form of: counselling; financial help to be able to access support from major cities; providing books about bereavement; and offering a range of approaches to support, such as music, art or dance therapy.

We provide bereavement packs to children across the county. These include workbooks, story books and details on how to contact us to find appropriate bereavement support. Anyone can request help from us: teachers, support workers, families, doctors, social workers, neighbours, friends, or indeed self-referral.

We also signpost professionals to bereavement training and Helen speaks at courses about supporting children with loss. We attend meetings with organisations across the county to ensure services are linked so we can work in partnership whenever possible.

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