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Any family can receive support: when bereavement is imminent, the moment of experiencing a bereavement or many years after.
Anyone can refer a family to us (for example, a family member, friend, health, education or social care professional) provided consent from the family has been given for the referral to be made.

We offer a two-tiered approach to support, depending on the depth of help or support required. Families can be offered either tier at any time they feel appropriate.


Tier 1:

For bereaved families, or professionals working with bereaved families, who only seek bereavement packs and signposting for support.

Tier 1 would only require the person seeking a pack or signposting to provide the following information via email or through social media request:

– Whether child supporting is of primary or secondary age.

– Relationship of person who has died (e.g. parent, grandparent, friend)

– Cause of death (e.g. neonatal, road traffic accident, murder, suicide).

– County of residence.

– Address for pack/info to be sent (Note – this information will not be stored).

You can do this here:

Tier 1 Support Form



Tier 2:

For bereaved families, or professionals working with bereaved families, who are seeking additional support or targeted provision.

Tier 2 would require a greater level of information to be shared with Elsie Ever After to ensure that the most appropriate support or help can be accurately provided or recommended. We have therefore created a Tier 2 referral form which will gather the following information and can be completed either by the family or with consent by a supporting professional.

Tier 2 Support Form