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Tier 2 referral guidelines

On receiving an application for additional support or targeted provision, the trustees refer to guidelines within our financial policies and governing document to ensure a consistent and fair response to requests for support. When deciding whether a family is eligible for support, the following criteria will be followed:

  1. The organisation ascertains whether people are eligible for support from existing bereavement organisations first.

  2. If they can get support elsewhere, then they will be signposted to other organisations (that tend to be national and better resourced / have more funding)
  3. The organisation will offer help if the person is not eligible for support due to circumstance of death or location they live in.
  4. If a family requires more than the usual offer of packs and signposting, then a team of core members will discuss specific circumstances and decide if the organisation has funds / if the situation requires it /and what best to offer under the circumstances to ensure the family are supported.