Quote from a G.P.

“I’m a G.P. and whilst I was looking in the cupboard I came across an Elsie Ever After pack and I just wanted to say I found it incredibly useful – full of really good stuff for what I needed.”

Quotes from bereaved families

“Thankyou again for being a light at what I thought was a dark and lonely tunnel. “

“Thankyou so much for taking the time to help desperate people like me who just don’t know where to turn. “

“Thankyou all you have done for me today is more than anyone has helped me with in the last few months. “

Learning mentor in a school:

“Sometime ago, when I was absent, school took delivery of two wonderful ‘Elsie Ever After’ packs and placed them in one of my work trays. I just want to say a big thank you as I am often called upon to support bereaved families. I have over the years been fortunate enough to access training and support from local hospices, however I am aware of the wonderful support that can be gained through organisations such as yours. I am handing over one of your packs to a family today and I’m sure that they will appreciate your offer of support as much as I do.”

Safeguarding and pastoral lead in primary school:

“The bereavement packs have been a very useful tool in school and are fundamental to opening a dialogue or a thought process for all children experiencing bereavement. Parents have commented that the packs have helped them too due to the fact that they offer practical activities and are also interactive, prompting conversations and opportunities to talk and create memories. Many thanks for such a versatile and much needed resource for children and families.”

“Just had time to sit down and look at this. It’s so heart wrenching, inspirational and supportive. Your love shines through for beautiful Elsie. Well done – amazing website xx”

Safeguarding and pastoral lead in a high school:

“I just wanted to let you know how well X is getting on since commencing art therapy. She has never really engaged with any structured support and could not see the benefits or the purpose of therapy. I can honestly say that in 15 years of working with challenging and complex young people, I have never seen such a positive change in a short space of time. X is calmer, easier to approach and challenge and less emotionally unstable in school.”


“Just a few words to say thank you so much for the wonderful packs that were dropped off at School today. They are very much appreciated and staff will now be much better equipped to deal with child bereavement should we have to. Elsie’s legacy is continuing to grow into something quite amazing and the work you have undertaken to plug the gap in bereavement counselling is absolutely staggering. You are all angels.”

Quotes from Living Well, Dying well talk:

“Absolutely brilliant”

“Thank you for being so honest”

“Everything you said resonated with me”

“I now feel confident in speaking openly about something that will affect us all”


“Not what I expected at all”

“It opened up meaningful conversation between myself and my loved ones, that never would have happened before the talk”.

From St Luke’s Hospice training team:

“Thank you for your session yesterday, it was evaluated extremely well………Thanks again for your moving experience, what a wonderful, courageous and inspiring family you all seem.”

Quote from a mother who received a personalised pack from us for her daughter, to help her understand her dad’s suicide.

“Just a quick message to say thanks so much to you for sorting the pack for my daughter. It’s been such a big help already & she’s been filling in the kids book. She’s been so brave over the last few weeks but it’s helped her to understand what’s been going on. Thank you” xx

Quote from a mother who received a pack and information on where to get help for her bereaved daughter:

“Thanks again, don’t know what I would’ve done without you or your service.”

Quote from a school:

“The staff at school are finding the packs very helpful thank you so much. They have been using them with children throughout the school and have asked me if it is possible to have any more. They are using them with a wide range of children who have very different needs and they have been so helpful in giving them the confidence to deal with the challenging issues and emotions the children experience and don’t always understand. Thank you so much from us all at …….. School. You and Elsie have started something amazing.”

Quote from bereaved family.

I’m just writing to say thank you for the  support that has been provided for X .  X’s mum  said “  X has been  a different girl , I cannot believe the transformation , nowhere near as many tantrums and outbursts , she was kicking and slamming doors ,  we  have none of that anymore . The counselling has been brilliant for her . ….can’t believe the difference in her I don’t know  what she would be like now if this had not been put in place  for her”

“I have requested a bereavement pack from you that has been brilliant. We are finding your Website and general information very useful. I have used the pack already for a child that is benefiting from the book.”


“Thank you so much for the bereavement support material which we received in school yesterday. It will be a great help for us to better and more appropriately support children who have experience loss.”


“Thank you so much for the resources you have kindly forwarded to our school this term; they have all proved to be invaluable to both the children and their teachers.”