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Complaint Handling Policy

Complaint Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to give beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers guidance on what to do if they want to make a complaint in respect of any aspect of service you have received from Elsie Ever After.

How to lodge a complaint

  • You can contact us by telephone ( 07394 070 403 ) or email ( to make us aware of your complaint. Please include as much relevant information that you can.
  • The complaint will be logged and details of complaint held securely.
  • The complaint will remain confidential until the investigation commences when only relevant parties will be made aware of the compliant details.
  • The complaint investigation and the outcome will be overseen by Helen Lyons.

How we will respond to your complaint

  • After receiving your written complaint you will be contacted by Helen Lyons or one of the Trustees within 10 working days.
  • The Trustee will clarify the nature of the complaint and will ask you for your views on acceptable resolution.
  • The Trustee will update you every 10 working days on the investigation
  • The Trustee will provide in writing the outcome of the investigation and any action Elsie Ever After intends to take as a result of the complaint and the investigative findings.


  • If you are not satisfied with the decision or response you receive you have the right to appeal within 28 days of the date of the outcome correspondence from the Trustee.
  • Appeals must be made in writing. Please provide details as to why you are unhappy with the outcome or response received and send to Victoria Wright at Elsie Ever After marked  ‘Appeal – Private and Confidential’. Correspondence should be forwarded to the registered office, Elsie Ever After, Innovas, Unit 18, Blakemere Village, Chester Road, Sandiway, Northwich CW8 2EB.
  • The appeal will be dealt with objectively by Victoria Wright.
  • You will receive the outcome of the appeal within 28 days of the date of your written appeal and the decision will be final.

If you are still not satisfied with the response you receive you can contact the Charity Commission.